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We form a partnership with our clients to produce the results they want and expect. We offer our ideas based on our experience and our expertise. The client may not appreciate many of the technical challenges involved in translating their concepts into reality. They may not know about the alternatives available in regard to design, materials and construction options that may be used and the cost implications involved. We provide homeowners and property management with everything they need to know, along with our suggestions, to enable them to have the home or maintenance team they want at a cost they can afford. We constantly communicate with our clients. We know that this is their home or business and that they must be kept well informed of our progress at all stages of the project. We have been Building Trust in the Charleston area for over 7 years.



  • We are honest and truth seeking.
  • We do what we say.
  • All members of the company conduct themselves in a professional and reasonable manner.
  • Our effectiveness results from internally motivated people working together for a commonly recognized good.
  • We give and accept constructive critique of work-product. We provide specific suggestions for improvement rather than merely identifying flaws.
  • We enjoy what we are doing.
  • We enjoy and respect who we are doing it with.


  • Tell the truth and listen for the truth.
  • Respect the time of others as well as your own.
  • Focus on results.
  • State your point directly, don't beat around the bush.
  • Keep commitments to others.
  • Participate fully in the work at hand.
  • Work for win-win solutions to problems.
  • Respect, encourage and recognize the competence and dignity of others.
  • Focus on the issue and providing the client with the best.
  • Clearly accept responsibility for work to be done and timeframes for completion.


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Freeman Repair and Remodeling

Charleston, South Carolina

Phone: 843-852-0677
Email: freemanrr1@hotmail.com

We accept Cash. We accept Check.